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Kitchen Technician LLC

is factory trained and insured. We specialize in the maintenance and repair of commercial food preparation equipment as well as dishwashers,

booster heaters and specialty equipment like combi-ovens,conveyor ovens, rotisserie ovens and so much more. Just ask us!

We give expert service on dishwashers like Hobart and all other manufacturers of ware-washing equipment.

We specialize in commercial cooking equipment repairs - gas, steam, electric, and on-site Stainless Steel Tig welding. We pride ourselves on providing customer satisfaction, technicians provide product knowledge, prompt response, and time stocked service vehicles at reasonable rates.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Fryers

• Pasta Cookers

• Filter Systems

• Steamers

• Range Ovens

• Convection Ovens

• Combi-Ovens

• Conveyor Ovens

• Rotary Ovens

• Bakery Ovens

• Pizza Ovens

Kitchen Technician Llc Restaurant Equipment Repair

hot side repairs and Commercial Dishwasher Repair

Service And PM Contracts


Service and PM contracts are a great way to manage unexpected repair cost and Kitchen Technician llc provides this valuable service.Call us for a your free equipment evaluation and find out how we can help you reduce your down time. 423.599.9960

Kitchen Technician LLC 423.599.9960

Poor water is the leading cause of cooking equipment breakdowns.Ask for a free water analysis.We offer affordable water treatment solutions.Call us and make high priced water treatment a thing of the past.


The right care extends the life of any equipment.

We bring advanced techniques and cutting edge diagnostics to the table every time.

      Kitchen Technician LLC

is also factory trained for Bakery Equipment repairs and maintenance.We know how to get your oven running right and calibrated back to factory settings.



PARTS WARRANTY Parts that are sold to repair out of warranty equipment are warranted for thirty (30) days. The part only is warranted. Labor to replace the part is chargeable to the client. SERVICES NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY
Most manufactures will not honor service bills that include travel time and mileage charges for servicing any products considered "Portable" including items listed below. These products should be taken to the Service Agency for repair:
1. Travel time and mileage rendered beyond the 50 mile radius limit.
2. Mileage and travel time on portable equipment (see below)
3. Labor to replace such items that can be replaced easily during a daily cleaning routine, ie; removable kettles on fryers, knobs, grease drawers on griddles, etc.
4. Installation of equipment
5. Damages due to improper installation
6. Damages from abuse or misuse
7. Operated contrary to the Operating and Installation Instructions 8. Cleaning of equipment
9. Seasoning of griddle plates
10. Voltage conversions
11. Gas conversions
12. Pilot light adjustment
13. Miscellaneous adjustments
14. Thermostat calibration and by-pass adjustment
15. Resetting of circuit breakers or safety controls
16. Replacement of bulbs
17. Replacement of fuses
​18. Repair of damage created during transit, delivery, & installation OR created by acts of God